Monday, August 23, 2010

Return Unto the Lord

(Isaiah 55:7)

Leave behind your past, do it today.

Seek the Lord for it is now time to do things His way.

Awake out of your slumber, shake off your sleep.

Forsake all that is evil and rejoin the other sheep.

Copyright 2006, Arnita L. Fields
Seeking God

(2 Chronicles 7:14)

Humble, Pray, Seek, And Turn.

Humble, Pray, Seek, And Turn.

Humble, Pray, Seek, And Turn.

Humble, Pray, Seek, And Turn.


Copyright 2006, Arnita L. Fields

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Word of Encouragement- Answered Prayer

I have been led to share with the Body of Christ a vision that occurred this morning during my personal time of meditation and prayer. I was so encouraged and strengthen by this vision that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my life will no longer be the same as a result. God is a keeper and a rewarded of those who diligently after seek Him, and He is also a God who never sleeps or slumbers. May you be strengthen and encouraged as I share with you this vision entitled “Answered Prayer”

As I closed out my time of prayer this morning I began to see this dark mass of clouds. As I continued to look up at the clouds, I began to see a small opening that soon opened larger to reveal a very tall ladder. Within moments, I began to see tall ladders quickly covering the whole parking lot of the community in which I live. As my eyes began to look around, I began to see ladders popping up in the sub-divisions across the street from where I live. My husband and I were standing near the front door in our home, but I could see that a ladder was right adjacent to our front door. When we finally opened our front door, to see what was going on, I heard from above me that the people had a choice as to whether they decided to climb up the ladder that was outside their front doors. As I turned to my husband, I said to him lets go up and then he motioned for me to go on up ahead of him. As we climbed the ladder, we stopped several times to catch our breath and to wait on each other. Although our focus was on where we were going, I began to take notice of what was going on around us.

As we climbed higher, I realized that we were about to go through some of the different levels leading up to where God was in the third heaven. When we got to the level of the second heaven, I began to see and feel the presence of evil all around us. I could see demons sitting on either side of us incognizant that we were on a ladder going up in their midst. As we passed this area we continued to climb higher and I saw more clouds around us, at this point we began to tire but I encouraged my husband & myself to keep on going. Soon we passed another area, where on both sides; I began to see televisions, and all kinds of electronic media equipment. The scripture, prince of the power of the air came to mind as we continued to climb on up higher. The ladder and the area we were going up began to get narrower the higher we climbed up. Finally, I eventually had to slow down as not to trip on my feet because we were coming to a small watch tower at the top. It was a small wooden platform where there was only room for my husband and me to stand. As I got to it, I stood up on the platform and reached out my hand to help my husband up. As we stood on the platform, I looked around and could see people making their way to the top of their towers as well. Then out of nowhere an angel appeared with a stack of gift boxes. As the angel set it down at our feet, I took in all of the details. There were seven beautiful wrapped boxes stacked just like you would see the boxes stacked in the big department stores in their Christmas displays.

The boxes were arranged from the smallest to the largest. The smallest was the size of a ring box and the largest was the size that would fit a nice sized winter coat. As the angel left, I began to open each box; in the first box I found it to be empty. In the second box, it was also empty, and then the third, fourth and fifth boxes I opened were empty as well. After opening each box I would pass each one to my husband who placed the boxes back at our feet. When I opened up the sixth box, I saw a dark black mass in it and realized that it was heavy as I tried to see what was in the box. As I stuck my hand in the box, I realized at the same moment that it was a huge dead black snake! When the others around me saw what was in their boxes they began to rejoice and praise God that the snake was dead. Seeing this dead snake did not cause any alarm to me at all but immediately encouraged me because I began to understand in my heart that the snake represented the enemy who had recently wreaked havoc in our lives but who no longer could because God had delivered us. I then put the lid back on the sixth box and passed it over to my husband as I reached down to open up the very last box which was number seven. As I did, I began to hear all around me and coming from in the distance shouts of joy as a huge praise rose up from the people. As I took the lid off of this huge box, small bits of colorful confetti popped up, and then out came balloons of various colors; finally two white doves flew up out of the box. I immediately recognized these doves as the peace of God. I let out a shout, wow look at this!

My husband and I began to join in and rejoice with the others who were seriously praising God loudly. Within moments the angel was back, but this time with only a letter in his hands. The letter was in one of those fancy envelopes which had a clay tablet that sealed the envelope in the center and was addressed to my husband and me; I was like wow, a personal letter. When I opened the letter it was written on some of the most beautiful parchment paper and had this heading at the top, “Answered Prayers.” I was speechless as I thought oh my goodness. Immediately my eyes began to look over the letter which contained every prayer my husband and I had ever prayed as a couple. As we looked over the list, the letter began to unfold towards our feet and I heard from above me that every prayer was heard and every prayer had been answered which was prayed according to the will of God. Hearing this message lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders as my mind thought about Psalm 28 which talks about God answering prayers.

Humbled for what had been revealed to my eyes, I began to worship and give glory to God in the natural as I continued to worship and pray in the spirit. In the vision, I could hear people doing the same as we all rejoiced and worshipped God on one accord. As we worshipped there appeared before my husband and I two angels. One of the angels took me in his arms and the other one took my husband up in his arms as they took us back down past our ladder and right to our front door. As I looked around me, I saw people in our community being returned to their homes one by one as they were also carried in the arms of angels. My husband and I then entered our home looking straight ahead and closed the door behind us. Once in, I looked down at my hand and saw that I was still holding the letter which would now serve as a reminder to us that God does hear and answers our prayers.

Psalm 28:6 Blessed be the Lord, because He has heard the voice of my supplications!