Saturday, July 24, 2010


Wishing a Happy 68th Birthday to my mama, Etta o'Bryant today. Following is a poem that I wrote for her in 2006, hope you all enjoy it.

God Bless, Arnita

(For my mom Etta O’bryant)

Thank You God for the life I now live.
It means more to me than the material
things you give.

All throughout my life as I journeyed along the way,
you’ve carefully chose bits and pieces of all of my days.
You added in extra faith, love, hope, peace and allowed
in a bit of sorrow.

Your true aim was for me to see that each day was a part
of a bigger and brighter tomorrow.

Now the pieces full of color, and handled with such
care, soon evolve and fit together like a fine woven tapestry.

My life has been woven by the hands of the almighty
God so delicately.

Now, the whole world will be able to see, how little by
little and bit by bit, God has changed me into the
woman that He created me to be.

Copyright 2006 Arnita L. Fields
Published in the book "And the Beat Goes On" (2007)

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