Monday, May 9, 2011


There is a new sound coming forth and it is moving quite rapidly. It is a sound that is not like the sounds of our past, but a sound that has been strategically set for this day and time. This sound will precede the new thing that God is doing within the earth. This sound; although made available for all to hear, will only be heard by those who desire to move forth into the deeper things of God.

There is now coming forth a changing of the guard. Just as the seasons change and there is a visual picture of what that particular season is to the natural eye. This changing of the guard first began in the spirit and is now connecting and manifesting in the natural. Many will not be able to see the change because they are not concerned with the things of the spirit, but caught up in the things of the world. The changing of the guard has come to help propel the church into its next place in God.

There is no need to be afraid or alarmed at what you see because God is well aware of the change, for He is orchestrating it. This new sound will arise and move forth through those chosen for this time and season. Those who have been hidden and covered by the hand of God will began to arise and go forth with what has already been preordained by the Lord. Prophets, Prophetic Scribes, Minstrels, Poets, Writers, and Dancers will come out of hiding to take their place in this changing of the guard. The anointing of God will flow forth freely as these chosen vessels will go forth with confidence, holy boldness and determination to complete the work that has been given unto their hands to do.

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