Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How deeply do you need the Father?

Some have been using God as a temporary fix the way some use Anbesol for a toothache. The medication soothes the pain temporarily, but it’s a visit to the dentist or the oral surgeon that is truly needed.

Father God is not a surface God; but He is the Sovereign, Holy Father who desires for you to know Him in a deeper way.

So how deeply do you need Him? How bad do you want to know the Father?

Do you only want to use the Sovereign Father on a temporary basis for the times when you have a toothache or do you want to know Him for the rest of your life? The choice is yours.

Blessings and Love,

Arnita L. Fields
A Scribe of the Lord, a Scribe for the Lord

If you are in need of the Savior, Jesus Christ

Prayer of Salvation

I repent of all of my sins and right now I do confess that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for the remission of my sins. I believe that Jesus died and was buried and rose again, and is now seated at the right hand of God in Heaven. I receive Him now as Lord of my life and I now commit to serve him for the rest of my days.

It is in Jesus’ name I do pray, Amen.