Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today, there is a Strategic Open Heaven

Today, there is an OPEN HEAVEN through the Father positioned directly above the earth. There is such a FREEDOM in the Spirit on today that those strategically  aligned with the Father will not have to labor as they have in the past. Tap into the flow and stream of the Father on today. Give Him liberty to flow and move through you. There is a harvest of souls that have been positioned for such a day as this. Do not waste time trying to figure out why today is the day; just flow and move with the Spirit of God. This is Kingdom work and many would be lost and left in bondage if not for the Father's love. So, Relax in His presence, Relate to the moving of His Spirit and allow His divine Release to flow through you as you walk in strict obedience to His promptings.

Today, there is a Strategic Open Heaven
Scribed @ 6:57AM (CST)

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