Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 National Poetry Month: Spotlight on Poet I. Renai Collins

It is our pleasure here at "A Poetic View" to honor poet, I. Renai Collins during the 2012 National Poetry Month this April. She is truly anointed to write unto the Lord and it is an honor to know such a precious vessel of God.

Renai Collins grew up in Palm Beach County, Florida where she began the journey to becoming an award winning poet. For fourteen years, she made her home in Plano, Texas and it is there that her poetry began to receive the notice that it deserves.In 1995, Ms. Collins received a Special Merit Award from the Ninth Annual Iva Mary Williams National Inspirational Poetry Program. The program, which is sponsored by Cooper House Publishing and Poet Magazine honored Renai for her poem, Can’t, Can’t Be. Renai was also heralded by the Plano Star Carrier newspaper for her outstanding poetry.

Upon her return to Palm Beach County, Renai immersed herself into the area and continued to write and perform her phenomenal poetry. She started the Junior Poets of Palm Beach County in 1997 and served as vice-president of the Poets of the Palm Beaches from 1997 to 2001. In 1998 Palm Beach Magazine named Renai’s Open Mic Poetry group one of the top 25 best things to do from Boca Raton to Vero Beach, FL. In the April 24, 2002 issue of the Palm Beach Post, columnist Linda Haas wrote of Renai’s outstanding poetry in an article titled, Poet Tries to Inspire, Plants Positive Seeds with Her Words.

In addition, Renai served as Poet Laureate and hostess of adult and children’s poetry events for Barnes & Noble, Book-A- Million, schools, libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs along with numerous churches. Renai is a member of the American Academy of Poets and the American Christian Writers Association. Her book Can't, Can't Be was released in November 2009. You will also find her poetry on Cross Way Publication www.christianpoetry.org “Proclaiming God’s Promise Through Poetry”

Martin Luther King, Jr. Coordinating Committee & Poet I. Renai Collins Presented the 1st Annual Poetry Contest January of 2011

Book Reviews:

All too often, we are inundated by negativity from the world around us. The stories of war, poverty, cruelty and sadness can threaten the resolve of even the most determined optimist. But I. Renai Collins’ poetry shines with a hopefulness that touches us deeply. She writes from the heart about the essence of our lives – family, beauty, and yes, love. Yet, this is not a collection of poetry that ignores the darker side of life. In “Remember Me,” the protagonist demands that her legacy be one of humanity, not perfection, and in “Colors,” Renai recounts the tale of a teenage victim of gang violence. However, even when Renai writes of pain it is covered in the grit of survival; we are left with no doubt that, although one’s past have yielded disappointments, the future offers goodness and light. In “Solid,” Renai writes: “Know my past/I do/my future/now I face/my roots are/firmly planted/I cannot/be moved.” It is this determination to be optimistic that sets Renai’s poetry apart; it is this determination that makes Can’t, Can’t Be a unique pleasure to read. - Africa Fine Author of Katrina, Becoming Maren and Looking for Lily

I continue to be amazed at the power of the word. Whether written or spoken, words can and will change your life. I. Renai Collins understands the power of the word and she has put her words to use in the form of poetry that will grab you from the very moment that you open her book. You will confront “Fear,” but you will refuse to let your “flame… be snuffed out before it is lit.” As you near the end of the book you will “transcend greed…and your eyes be opened by the truth, never to be blind again.” When you close this book after reading it the first time, although you will read it many, many times again, you will know without a doubt, that “what you dream really can come true.” Let the words change your life. - Steve White Publisher, Protective Hands Communications

Product Description - Amazon
Can't, Can't Be is a book of poetry by award winning poet, I. Renai Collins. Her poetry covers all aspects of the personal life experience. Renai takes you on a journey of your past, remembering those life changing experiences with your mother and grandmother. She explores the intimacy and the hurt of male, female relationships. She helps the reader visualize a brighter day and a better world. You will transcend the moment.


  1. Wonderful to read about another poet. I love poetry and the spoken word poetry. I am adding ms. collins to my list of poets to read.

    1. Hey Sidne,

      Thanks so much & please do. She is truly a gem in the poetry genre.