Thursday, May 17, 2012

America's Change: A Poetic View

Sweet Holy Spirit
(Spiritual Song)

Sweet Holy Spirit, o how you are welcome, o how you are welcome in this place.

Sweet Holy Spirit come fall upon us, fall upon us in this place.

Sweet Holy Spirit, lead us closer, come lead us closer in this place.

Speak forth what you hear from the throne room,
speak forth what God wants us to know.

Reveal the plans of God our Father,
reveal the way back into His loving arms.

Sweet Holy Spirit, o how you are welcome, o how you are welcome in this place.

Sweet Holy Spirit, come shower us with our Father’s grace. 

Taken from the book America's Change a Poetic View  (Published 2009 by Arnita L. Fields/Holy Poetry Publications) 

A Poetic View
When I look at America the country that I have been created and ordained to live and work in, I see many things. I see a country that is so full and rich with possibilities, that it overflows to the outside of our borders and then out into the ocean.  I see a country that was started on the principle that without God at the center of everything, we as a country would not make it, period. I see a country so full and deep with wisdom that no one could mistakenly say that God was not a part of our very foundation.  America, God has poured out His spirit in you for over two hundred years, He cares about where we are now, and where we are going as a people. God has continued to this very day to call out our name, day after day after day; America are we willing to answer His call?

America when I look at you, I see a country that has a heart to reach out to help others when they are hurting and left without hope.  I see a country that not only raises money and offers monetary support to other countries, but also supports many less than fortunate countries with brotherly protection.

Looking deep into the heart of America, I see an assortment of people who have come from many nations seeking a place of refuge, and a place of safety from the raging storms of life.  I see a country where people are drawn like a magnet to its shores, year after year.

So what is it about this country that we call America?  What’s so different about America in comparison to any other country in the whole wide world? Well, you may say that it is because people can come and experience freedom like they have never known before. Many will speak about the endless opportunities that people can have to provide for their families, so they can enjoy the many pleasures of life. But what does God say about America? 

America, God has never let you out of His sight although you may have felt forsaken at times. God has divine plans for you. His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you but to give you a future and a hope.  America, if you truly repent and turn back from the ways of the world and direct your whole heart back to the Almighty Sovereign God, then you will see the very best of our country.  

America the beautiful, a county so full of God’s love and His grace, know that God loves you and He desires to see you become all that His hands has created and designed you to become. God has invested so much in our country since its birth over two hundred years ago. It is time to reclaim our heritage and return to our roots. America, are you ready for your change?

Taken from the book America's Change a Poetic View  (Published 2009 by Arnita L. Fields/Holy Poetry Publications)


  1. A great prophetic word Arnita and one that I pray will release a return toward God in this country.

  2. All praise to the Father. Yes, keep our country covered in prayer. Thanks for your comments Pastor Bernard.