Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mental Health Awareness Month

As the month of May comes to close, I would like to take some time to discuss your mental health status. Every year during the month of May counselors and professionals in the Mental Health community work to bring awareness to people about the importance of mental health care and the benefits of getting the proper treatment. Whether you suffered a loss materially, spiritually or physically, there’s no better time than the present to check to see that you are operating in emotional wholeness.

Just as you take time out to go for your yearly doctor and dental visits; it’s also extremely important to stay up to date on your current mental health status. The type of assistance you chose will be based upon the type of care you are seeking whether it is short or long termed. For instance if you are in need of counseling after the loss of a job or loved one, seeking out the services of a grief counselor would be of great benefit to you. If you find yourself dealing with the after effects and issues associated with substance, sexual or physical abuse, in order to achieve the optimal results it would be beneficial to seek out someone who specializes in this specific type of counseling.  Since the general area of counseling covers such a large base, choosing the right specialized help or counselor to meet your needs will take some research on your part as well as prayer.

In the faith based community finding a counselor is normally just a phone call away when you call your local church. There you will find and receive assistance from lay Pastoral counselors and staff who have experience with dealing with all types of issues on a daily basis. In many of these churches you may also find on staff Professional, Licensed and or certified counselors who are on hand to service the needs of the congregants and the general community.

So what do you need to know before going to see a counselor or mental health professional and what are some of signs you can look for?  Below are listed just a few signs which will help to give you some clarity. 

v     You recently suffered a major loss or death of a cherished loved one.
v     You find yourself constantly complaining or bickering with people around you or with loved ones.
v     You become irritated with issues that normally did not bother you in the past.
v     You have frequent and unexplainable bouts of crying.
v     You have frequent and unexplainable headaches/and or migraines
v     You are experiencing stress or suffering bouts of anxiety.
v     You are experiencing bouts of sadness or seem to be unhappy most of the time.
v     You began disconnecting yourself from social activities and spending more time sleeping.
v     You suffer from frequent bouts of anger or frustration.
v     You have experienced thoughts of suicide or thoughts about physically harming yourself.
v     You have recently experienced loss of sleep, extended bouts of fatigue or tiredness.
v     You have suffered from loss of appetite and or unexplained weight loss.

Although this list is not conclusive, knowing some of the above signs will help you to take a moment to honestly assess you mental health status to see if you do need to begin the process of seeking out immediate counseling/and or a mental health professional for treatment.  In this life we all have experienced struggles and faced uncertainty, but know that you don’t have to suffer in silence or alone. The Sovereign Father has birthed forth and anointed godly counselors for use within the Body of Christ. Many of these counselors have taken the necessary steps to become professionally trained to assist you along the path of your life’s journey. Click on the information links below to see that there is help, there is hope and there is a solution readily available to assist you with what you may be facing in your life today.

Blessings & love,
Arnita L. Fields

Certified in Biblical, Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling
member of American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
Divorce Care Group Facilitator
Light University-Diploma in Biblical Counseling
Prepare/Enrich Facilitator
Psychology & Christian Counseling Degree, Liberty University

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